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Innovation and Start-up Support

Technology Center Mainz – Innovation and Start-up Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences

The development Rhineland-Palatinate as a business location and a center for biotechnology and life sciences is a strategic focus of the state government. There is a particular interest in supporting new start-ups in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, and life sciences, as well as connecting them with academic institutions and established companies in these sectors through the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture, and Viticulture. Former successful start-ups, such as GANYMED, TRON, and notably BioNTech, received support from the state during their early stages. Building on these successes, additional specific offerings, particularly laboratory space, are planned to be created in Mainz for startup companies in these fields.

In this endeavor, the Technology Center Mainz (TechnologieZentrumMainz - TZM), under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is expected to play a crucial role. The focus will be on supporting spin-offs from the university and the University Medical Center Mainz.

The main areas of work will include providing individual support to start-up companies through the development of network structures, informing about financing and funding opportunities, and creating shared infrastructure, including laboratory spaces and R&D facilities. These facilities will be built and made available through TZM in collaboration with the city of Mainz in the coming years.

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